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Getting Prepared

Getting prepared for a Divine Soul Session will not only maximize the results, I'll be able to take you to much deeper levels. Think of it like tilling the soil before you plant your garden. The flowers will grow in more abundance. So will you.


Here's what you do to prepare:


  • Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations meditation. I highly recommend the version 2.0, but you can also use the one in the Free Unconditional Love Package. Try to do it for three consecutive days before the session.
  • Place your attention behind your solar plexus and the concept of being connected to all of creation. Declare: "I release any and all thoughts, ideas, beliefs that no longer serve me for my highest good. I let Divine Light transform them into illumination." Then let go and let Divine Light flow through your thoughts and act on your declaration.
  • Drink a little more water than usual. When you come to the session hydrated, it makes a difference in how much you're able to feel the vibrations of transformation.



  • Place your computer in a place that's well lit for the Skype session.
  • Be sure you have a place where you can sit comfortably with a straight back.
  • Have a full glass of water on hand. 
  • If you can do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation beforehand, even better.
  • Let yourself feel excited. This is going to be really cool!