Meet The Infinite You

This self-paced online course uses APT (Alchemy of Personal Transformation) designed by Glenn Younger. By the end, you'll have all the basics for sending your Inner Critic on permanent vacation... and manifest cleanly and clearly whatever YOU choose to focus on.

If the Law of Attraction isn't working for you like you want...


Then it's time to lighten up. Shift your focus. And get on with the good stuff in living life here on Earth. 

  • No more not-wants getting mixed in with what you really want.
  • No more repeating the same old patterns that haven't brought you the fulfillment you seek.
  • No more Inner Critic babble holding you back. That's true for business. Relationships. Self-image. Prosperity. All parts of your life.

Of course, you can always keep repeating the same-old, same-old. But why would you? It's like banging your head against a brick wall until blood runs down your face and you keep going anyway.


Just imagine how it will be without having to struggle anymore with your Inner Critic, you're own worst frenemy. 

Using the innate power of Unconditional Love and your Divine Soul knowing means nothing—and I mean nothing—can hold you back but yourself.


Now you can literally transform all that old baggage into...

  • Personal illumination...
  • Emotional Freedom...
  • And an inner peace that lets you move forward with a verve that only comes from knowing there's a bright future ahead. That makes living NOW extra exciting.


It also means you can manifest what YOU want cleanly and clearly.


How does that sound?


With this program, you'll…

  • Get back in touch with your own innate power and really use it on subtle levels that count in big ways.
  • Understand how the different aspects of you can work together for your highest good.
  • Learn a powerful meditation technique that’s simple and helps you produce concrete results. Use it as a stand-alone meditation or together with your current meditation technique.
  • Resolve the struggle between your wants and not-wants.
  • Discover where you’ve been misusing your natural power, and then shift into using it for your highest good.
  • Make friends with your Divine Soul (the Infinite You). Let Her/Him guide you in recognizing the root cause of any past conditioning that holds you back. No more living as a bonsai tree version of you.
  • Use the power of Unconditional Love (aka Divine Light Vibrations) to easily and gently transform that past conditioning into personal illumination, emotional freedom, and courage to follow your dream(s). Live with confidence and peace in any situation.
  • Take your current spiritual practice to deeper levels of understanding.
  • Learn how to keep focus and direct Divine Light Vibrations to manifest whatever it is you want—and are willing to have—in your life.
  • … and much more!


In short order, you'll discover first hand how AMAZING you truly are. And you'll live life accordingly. Your Inner Critic will drift away into permanent vacation. Your Divine Soul knowing will become your guide and biggest fan.

Believe me, I know that from personal experience. Press play on the video to hear some of my story. 


Author and Divine Soul with tons of experience.


People from all walks of life who've said, "Yes!" to knowing their Divine Soul. 


SJ Lehoven (writer/actor):

I'm now writing, creating and living with freedom.





Luisa Furlani (Yoga Instructor and Studio Owner):

Every step has had its own sense. Sometimes I wanted to run away from what I knew all too well. Unconditional Love (Divine Light Vibrations) gave me sensations of security and safety as it moved through anger and incomprehension, and then to tears and joy of release.




Liam Roper (English Teacher in Koreo and Reiki Master): 

I have to say it really works. I mean I feel like a million bucks here, almost glowing, plugged in and really charged with an almost child-like feeling.




Alessia Porro (Co-founder of The Mercantile): 

I released a chronic stomach condition caused by a relationship that I no longer wanted. Asking for transformation into illumination, I was able to hear what I truly wanted… and allow it to manifest.





Anna Morandi (LightWorker, Singer, Artist): 

I didn’t know how to clearly listen and hear my inner voice despite all the techniques I already knew and practiced. Now I recognize and listen on deeper and deeper levels to the voice of my Divine Soul—my only true Teacher and Guide, the Essence of Pure Light.



These are just a few who've shifted into living their Light fully and freely. Are you ready to add your story to theirs?



Take a look at your 8 step roadmap to personal freedom.

Each step is enriched by a personal workbook—with action exercises—to help focus your thoughts and put theory into concrete results.


Step 1. How to Ignite Your Curiosity

  • Curiosity is the key during any step of your spiritual transformation process. Without it, you might as well sit and watch re-runs of your own life.
  • Know the difference between real curiosity and lip-service curiosity.
  • Begin to raise the quality of the vibrations of Divine Light moving through you. You'll use these to transform the negative self-talk of your Inner Critic as well as manifest cleanly and clearly whatever you choose to focus on.


Step 2. How to use and not abuse Divine Light Vibrations

  •  Why what you ‘think’ is so vital to the reality you create for yourself.
  •  This is the only challenging part of the process: learning to let Divine Light Vibrations do the work.
  •  You’ll continue doing the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation, but now, you’ll add on a layer of learning how to let the vibrations of Unconditional Love transform past conditioning into illumination.


Step 3. Your Divine Soul Gold

  • The nature of your Divine Soul.
  • Discovering Her (His) name.
  • Learn how She (or He) has always been guiding you through your whole life.
  • Apply what you’ve learned so far, but now you’ll consciously allow yourself to work in tandem with your Divine Soul’s presence.


Step 4. Your Stubborn Ego-Intellect

  • What is your ego-intellect and how did it get so obstinate?
  • No more fighting with your ego-intellect (Inner Critic) as it tells you nonsense like, “You can’t do that…” or tries to use past conditioning to hold you in check.
  • While in meditation, you’ll learn to give your ego-intellect so much love, it’ll come to accept a new way of processing information about you and the possibilities of the world you live in.


Step 5. Make Your Subconscous a Friend Not Foe

  • Learn to recognize where you are now in general.
  • Learn to recognize where you are in any given transformation.
  • When you need to let go and when you need to stay firm.


Step 6. Three Stages of a Spiritual Awakening 

  • Learn to recognize where you are now in general.
  • Learn to recognize where you are in any given transformation.
  • When you need to let go and when you need to stay firm.


Step 7. Hearing Your Divine Soul's Vibrational Voice

  • Hearing your Divine Soul’s “yes” is the first step to understanding her vibrational communication.
  • How to test your understanding.
  • Learning to play with it.


Step 8. Going Deeper (Because the Deeper You Go the Richer the Flow)

  • How your Divine Soul’s communication is unique to you.
  • Discover how to pose questions to your Divine Soul Knowing.
  • Know how to recognize answers to your questions.




You’re probably in stage two of a Spiritual Transformation right about now. 


(You’ll find out more about that in Video 6.) That means you’re CURIOUS. Has the thought of price crossed your mind? 

You've got to love this!

If you got the information by working with me directly in eight sessions, it would cost you $1400.00.

BUT I want to get you started living the life you came here to live. The one you were meant to live. I want you to get excited about seeing how much you can do working with the power of Unconditional Love (aka Divine Light Vibrations). And tell others about the program.

SO… it’s available to you for only $147.00. Yep, that’s right. You get all of that for less than the cost of one individual Divine Soul Session.

Plus I’m going to make you a promise. If you do all the exercises in the eJournal as well as the daily meditation, you WILL see concrete results by the end of the program.


All this for only $147.00.


There's another plus! Along with additional bonus meditations, you'll also get MY PERSONAL GUARANTEE. If you're not 100% happy with the results, then send me your eJournal with the completed exercises within 60 days, and I'll refund your money. No questions asked.


Go for it. You deserve it! 




Once you order, you'll be sent a confirmation email with a link to set your private password for Waymakers Academy. Sign into Waymakers Academy with the new password you create, and you'll find everything you need right there in your Member's Area.


Intro to Meet the Infinite You
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Step 1 - Ignite Your Curiosity
Video - How To Ignite Your Curiosity 7:25 minutes
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Step 2 - How to Use and Not Abuse Divine Light Vibrations
Video - How To Use and Not Abuse Divine Light 10:10 minutes
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Step 4 - Your Stubborn Ego-Intellect
Video - Your Stubborn Ego-Intellect 11:11 minutes
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Step 5 - Make Your Subconscious a Friend Not Foe
Video - Make Your Subconscious a Friend Not Foe 9:44 minutes
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Step 7 - Hearing Your Divine Soul’s Vibrational Voice
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Divine Light Vibrations Meditation
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Glenn Younger

Author. Coach. World traveler. Diver. Avid reader. Enthusiastic speaker. Spiritual cheerleader. 

If you're ready to go deeper into your spiritual awakening... and leave limitations in the past where they belong... then tap into Glenn's thirty year PhD in trial and error. She's got the knowledge and desire to share her shortcuts in using the vibrational alchemy of Unconditional Love to help you create the life you want.

A great fan of riding the wave of laughter to new horizons, she hopes you’ll join her.  Because with an open heart and mind, YOU CAN be a Waymaker.

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(I'm sharing this from the old commenting system because I think it will help you in your own awakening on deeper levels.) LAURA SAID: “When I think about it, I can recognize the deep curiosity from my childhood. Back then I was curious and very open, always curious to listen to other people and how they saw the world. I truly listened rather than think about what I would say next or what they thought about me. Funny to try to find my way back to this deep and sincere curiosity. Currently curiosity is an important part of my job as a researcher, but the curiosity is not as playful as it was at first. I´ll try to find back to that because it makes the day so much lighter and more fun when the focus is fun curiosity rather than problem-solving and dodging potential show-stoppers. The first time I did the basic activation meditation it was a very powerful and deep experience. So much that my ego got scared. So the day after, when I did the meditation again, I had a hard time concentrating. I was not as open and curious, but instead holding back and the result was less than impressive. Today I did the basic activation meditation for the third time, this time again focusing on being open and curious, and what a difference that made! I could again open up to the Light and enjoy the meditation. For example the golden light almost by itself flowed towards the heart of the earth. A very strong and joyful feeling. It just felt so right :-) Thanks! I just saw video 1 again. This journey is very interesting. I look so much forward to the next step! I can hardly wait ;-) I am very curious as to where it will take me ;-) Although this is only my day three, I already feel lighter, happier and I laugh more. Thank you, Glenn, for these awesome resources, both the videos, the website and the eJournal :-) Thank you so much!! Have a wonderful evening :-)”

Posted by Glenn on October 26th at 5:38am

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