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Say, "BYE BYE INNER CRITIC"... and get what you want because YOU CAN with this free Unconditional Love Mini-Course: Guided Meditation, eJournal, Spiritual Quick Tips

I’m here to help you consciously use the power of Unconditional Love (aka Divine Light Vibrations) so you can live the heart of your  life. On your terms. Not the life you were conditioned by others to live. Best of all, without all the chatter from your Inner Critic.


Step by step this FREE mini-course will get you started.  



These empowering resources will give you a good jump start. And they're FREE. I’m talking no-strings-attached-free.

Of course, the love from your Divine Soul—the part of you that’s connected to everything that ever was, is, and will be—is the best kind of free stuff ever. So is the All-Powerful Unconditional Love of Divine Light.  

With those two powerhouses on your side, your Inner Critic takes a back seat. You’re free to create the life you want to create.

  • Fulfilling relationships become a given.
  • Your creativity and ideas flow.
  • You recognize who you are and why you’re even here.
  • Bottom line, you get what you truly want, because you finally know what it is from the bottom of your heart.
  • And more… because you know you can. And you’ll remember how in no time. 



Here’s what you get FREE access to when you CLICK ON THE RED ORDER BUTTON at the bottom of the page…


1. THE BASIC ACTIVATION OF DIVINE LIGHT VIBRATIONS GUIDED MEDITATION. It's short. Powerful. Nine minutes a day opens the doorway to INFINITE possibility.

2. YOUR PERSONAL EJOURNAL. You’ll get the most out of the meditation because it’ll help your ego-intellect stay focused in the right direction. Plus, your self-discovery process will be a whole lot more fun.

The fillable PDF format makes it easy to use. Download one a week until you have exactly what you want.

3. GOOD STUFF! UPDATES. Periodic email updates and Spiritual Quick Tip reminders about how to maximize your results from Divine Light Vibrations. The faster you get your ego-intellect working in close tandem with your Divine Soul—the Infinite you—the better. No, I won’t inundate your inbox. That’s a promise.

Plus, you’ll get the insider's scoop of knowing when a new book is published.

4. AN OPPORTUNITY TO LET YOUR FEEDBACK COUNT IN A REAL WAY. Your job is to let me know what you need by leaving a comment or question. My job is to make sure you know how and where to get answers. That’s a big offer I intend to keep in the free stuff category



Yes, there are books, courses, and services that you'll eventually want to take advantage of inside of Waymakers Academy. Still...

This is a great place to start. Right here and now.



Step 1 - Decide What You Want To Release
Getting Started
Refine Your Focus
Step 2 - The Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Guided Meditation
Step 1 - The Basic How-To
Step 2 - Activating The Alchemy
Step 3 - The Divine Light Vibrations Activation Meditation Video 9:31 minutes
Step 3 - Tap Into Your Super-Simple Super-Potent Resources
Free Personal EJournal Preview
Download Personal EJournal
Divine Bonus

Glenn Younger

Author. Coach. World traveler. Diver. Avid reader. Enthusiastic speaker. Spiritual cheerleader. 

If you're ready to go deeper into your spiritual awakening... and leave limitations in the past where they belong... then tap into Glenn's thirty year PhD in trial and error. She's got the knowledge and desire to share her shortcuts in using the vibrational alchemy of Unconditional Love to help you create the life you want.

A great fan of riding the wave of laughter to new horizons, she hopes you’ll join her.  Because with an open heart and mind, YOU CAN be a Waymaker.

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(I'm sharing this from the old commenting system because I think it will help you in your own awakening on deeper levels.) LAURA SAID: “When I think about it, I can recognize the deep curiosity from my childhood. Back then I was curious and very open, always curious to listen to other people and how they saw the world. I truly listened rather than think about what I would say next or what they thought about me. Funny to try to find my way back to this deep and sincere curiosity. Currently curiosity is an important part of my job as a researcher, but the curiosity is not as playful as it was at first. I´ll try to find back to that because it makes the day so much lighter and more fun when the focus is fun curiosity rather than problem-solving and dodging potential show-stoppers. The first time I did the basic activation meditation it was a very powerful and deep experience. So much that my ego got scared. So the day after, when I did the meditation again, I had a hard time concentrating. I was not as open and curious, but instead holding back and the result was less than impressive. Today I did the basic activation meditation for the third time, this time again focusing on being open and curious, and what a difference that made! I could again open up to the Light and enjoy the meditation. For example the golden light almost by itself flowed towards the heart of the earth. A very strong and joyful feeling. It just felt so right :-) Thanks! I just saw video 1 again. This journey is very interesting. I look so much forward to the next step! I can hardly wait ;-) I am very curious as to where it will take me ;-) Although this is only my day three, I already feel lighter, happier and I laugh more. Thank you, Glenn, for these awesome resources, both the videos, the website and the eJournal :-) Thank you so much!! Have a wonderful evening :-)”

Posted by Glenn on October 26th at 5:41am

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